Orthodontics is a dental specialty that involves correcting teeth that are improperly positioned. Dr. Lana R. Helms, a board certified orthodontist, is proud to maintain the high standards of the orthodontic profession. The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) in collaboration with all of the orthodontic specialty’s stakeholders, have a duty to uphold these standards of care for the orthodontic specialty for the purpose of protecting the public.

Throughout the years, the definition of these standards of care have not changed, but the way in which the practice of orthodontics has evolved is significant. The factors that influence the standards of care include the patient, diagnosis and treatment planning, advancing technologies, delivery methods and the resulting level of care.

These standards have emerged through generations of sound research and clinical trials that have been adopted by the specialty. Board certified orthodontic professionals work together with the objective to deliver quality orthodontic care through careful adherence to the standards of care. Rest assured, you are getting a high standard of care by seeking an orthodontist who is board-certified.

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